Future Workshop

How do school become a place 

  • that supports you – all of you - in belonging?
  • that makes it possible for you to form your own identity as you like?
  • that enables you to express yourself and feeling good about having a mission in life?

These are the aims of this workshop and for the CHRIS project as a whole. 

STEP 1 What has to change?  30 min

You now have to work with your ideas to make a better school in these respects and thereby counter radicalization later in life.

Before you come up with your ideas you are to find out what you think has to change in your school, conditions that you find violates the aims of belonging, shaping identities, expressing yourself and having a mission in life? You can make your points on the large post-its and put it up on the flip-over. Share with each other what you think has to change in your school.  

STEP 2 How to change school? 1 hour and a half

You now have to come up with your suggestions for things that could make things better. 

Build your ideal classroom. How does it have to be organized to support the aims? You can add some considerations about the social relations and the distribution of responsibility and power to decide between the different actors in school.  

Make a drawing of your ideal teacher. How does he or she have to act if to support the aims? Besides the drawing you write your recommendations for the teacher to support the aims. 

Develop a constitution for your ideal school. The constitution has to regulate decisions, responsibility and social interaction in a way that support the aims.  

Make up an activity – a drill, an exercise, a trip, a city hunt, an interview, a school event or what ever you can think of – that will support the aims. 


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