Worksheet for teachers

All activites: 

Please guide the group through the steps written on the worksheet. Beware of the time schedule, so there will be time for all the steps and time to go into all discussions.  

Start each activity by reading aloud the statements in the left column and help the students to understand what might be unclear to them. Then read the questions in the right column – now it is up to the group to talk about the questions. They do not need to come up with answers, the questions are meant to start reflections that they will work on in the exercise. 

Please observe and take notes when the group discuss the last two steps: “What to do different?” and “Did you learn something new?” in each activity. We need these observations for the development of the guidepack.

Please take some pictures, too, when the students are absorbed in the work. 


You will have to facilitate a forum play. 

Two groups will be together, and they will be performing for each other. Your task is to ask the audience when your group has performed, whether they have ideas to have to handle the situation better? If a student has a suggestion, he or she should speak up, when the play is played the second time. And you have to encourage him or her to take the place of the actor/person who has do something differently. If the student is too shy to take part, you can ask the group just to play it after his or her directions. 

In principal, it can be played again and again with new suggestions but there is only half an hour for each play. 


Please collect one piece of paper for each participant in your group and markers to work with. 

Remind the students that they have to make their drawing in full size. They can lay down on the paper and draw around each other. 

When the drawings are up on the wall, everybody has to present their “normal person” and then to discuss whether it is after all possible to talk about normality? 

After that, “What is normal”, you have to read aloud the explanation of norms and the following questions, and guide them to understand each question. 

Mission and Expression:

Read aloud the text and encourage the students to take an stand and then follow the directions. 

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