Worksheet: Identity

How is your identity shaped by your school experiences?identity

Here is some of what you have said about this: 

  • not knowing anybody who think the way you do, one you can share your ideas with
  • somebody think you are useless
  • there will always be someone who laughs of your difference
  • how nice it is to feel different and thus feel included, respected, loved
  • Some of your identity can be to act as a bully, though you really don’t want to do like that
  • To have self-esteem to act as you yourself think you should act
  • You feel inferior and marginalized if you are labelled with nicknames
  • You can be labelled because the color of your skin – and it is a kind of exclusion
  • You become lonely when you are labelled and you may consider yourself different
  • It is never pleasant to be on the sideline
  • respectful and quiet students are being bullied

What is important to do different in schools or among you and your friends? 

  •  Who has the problem: those who stigmatize or those who are stigmatized?
  • Can we come to look at others without categorizing them? 
  • Can we learn to go against others bullying us?
  •  Are some labels ok, while others are bad?

Step 1: What do you think about Identity? 10 min 

  • Read the statements in the left column aloud in the group (get help to understand it by a teacher or a fellow student).
  • Discuss the questions in the right column in the group  What is most pressing and challenging for you? 
  • Remember and share with each other, situations in school in which this challenge came up?

Step 2: Find a case and make it into a play. 30 min

Choose one of the situations you have talked about – a situation that was not handled well and ended badly! Make it into a short play or rather a scene in a play that will take no more than 5-10 minutes to show. 

Among the characters in the scene there have to be at the minimum one teacher and one student, maybe also parents, the headmaster at the school and other persons are on the cast list. 

Distribute the various characters among you – everybody in the group has to be someone in your play.  

Prepare yourself to show it to another group!

Step 3:  Show the play and find better ways to cope! 1hour

You have to show the play to another group. You have to play it twice or maybe more. The second time any member of the audience (the other group) is allowed to shout Stop! When they do so, they have to step forward and take the place of one of the characters, showing how they could change the situation to ensure that different outcome. 

A teacher will help you in these steps!

In the end, you have to discuss, whether you found better ways to cope with difference and to make room for different identities? 

Step 4: What to do different? 10 min

What to do different in school to make room for various identities?

Step 5: Did you learn something new? 10 min

Did you learn something new? Could other students benefit from working with IDENTITY by way of FORUM PLAY? What other ways could be of use for student if they were to work with IDENTITY issues in school?  

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